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Our Legal Expertise:

With three decades of legal excellence, Herda has established itself as a trusted partner in the legal field. Our journey began with a vision to provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses, and today, we have evolved into a multidisciplinary firm with a strong presence in Switzerland.

Herda’s core legal services encompass a wide spectrum, including corporate law and governance, real estate and property law, international business and taxation, and dispute resolution and litigation. Our seasoned legal team possesses deep knowledge of Swiss law, enabling us to provide expert guidance and representation in various legal matters.

Navigating Swiss Jurisdiction:

We take immense pride in our 15 years of dedicated practice within the Swiss legal landscape. Our local insight, combined with a global perspective, allows us to assist both Swiss and international clients in achieving their legal objectives. Whether you’re starting a business, dealing with property matters, or seeking resolution in legal disputes, Herda is your strategic legal partner.

Our IT Services:

In addition to our legal expertise, Herda extends its capabilities into the realm of IT services. Recognizing the growing importance of technology in the modern business world, we offer comprehensive IT solutions to enhance your organization’s efficiency and competitiveness. From IT consulting and infrastructure management to cybersecurity and software development, our IT services are designed to meet your digital needs.

Vice President

Natalia Lechbinskaya

Our team provided perhaps the biggest amount of WordPress customization services on the market.


Vice President Natalia Lechbinskaya is a distinguished legal professional with an illustrious career spanning three decades. She attained the status of an attorney in 2002 and later became a managing partner at a prominent Moscow-based law firm. However, due to political circumstances, Natalia was compelled to leave Russia. Switzerland extended its shelter, and for the past 15 years, she has continued her legal career as an attorney, contributing both to Swiss society and her fellow compatriots in legal matters.

Natalia’s journey from being a successful attorney in Moscow to her journey as a refugee and asylum seeker in Switzerland has inspired her to create a public-spirited resource focused on integration and adaptation for foreigners in a foreign land. Her goal was straightforward – to assist migrants and refugees in real-life situations they face in daily life, at work, and in business. Over several years, Natalia diligently gathered information on the challenges faced by those integrating into Swiss life. This led to the conceptualization of an informative online resource for migrants and refugees.